Cover Design - Wealth Issue - JUNO Autumn 2017

Cover design for the Autumn 2017 issue on 'Wealth'. Our feature article was on developing the right mindset for generating wealth and discussed wealth psychology. I wanted the cover to portray the brain with a visual representation of the neurological pathways used for thinking. To tie it in with the theme of investment, I decided to overlay drawings of investment concepts. The end printed result looked spectacular with a copper foil on the masthead and main cover tagline. This added the extra wow factor on top of our signature gloss laminate. I think this was one of my most favourite cover designs.

JUNO is a quarterly investment magazine which aims to help people understand the basics of investing and improve financial literacy and capability. The three sections of the publication are Personal Investing, Lifestyle & Travel, and Market Insights.

The below designs remain at all times the intellectual property of JUNO Investing Magazine.

1. Autumn 2017 - Wealth - Book_Cover_No Spine.jpg