Branding - Design on James

I have supported my Mother's business, Design on James which is an Interior Design and Furniture company based in Tauranga since it's inception over 12 years ago. Over the years, my involvement has been in branding, photoshoots of interior spaces she's designed, newsletter design, advertising, website, invitations and EDM's and general listening and tuning into her next workshop or project. There is way to many projects to feature on my website so I'm keeping it simple by just showing the logo I designed for her and business card.

I owe a lot of my creativity to her with the way she raised my siblings and me, and the opportunities I've had to see the latest textile collections coming out of Europe when sales reps for the big textile companies would pop into her showroom with their sample books of gorgeous fabrics and wallpaper. Thank you Mum, you're a very special gem.