JUNO Magazine Branding & Cover Designs

JUNO is a quarterly investment magazine which aims to help people understand the basics of investing and to improve financial literacy and capability. The three sections of the publication are Personal Investing, Lifestyle & Travel, and Market Insights.

I came on-board the team to rebrand the publication from Moneta Media to JUNO at the start of 2015, starting on issue number 4. Having had little exposure to the financial investment world, I took on the challenge to make what is typically quite a dry and foreign subject to many people, appear sexy, fun & interesting. Our objective was to appeal to people starting out on their investment path right through to sophisticated investors. Our founder, Jacqueline Taylor, was very passionate about educating readers on how to further their understanding of financial investment and become more financially capable.

The design of this publication was very much a creative challenge, especially more so with the personal finance and market insight sections that require much more lateral thinking to come up with something visual for often intangible concepts like dividend yield, bonds and the sharemarket.

I enjoyed working closely alongside Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Jacqueline Taylor, helping to fulfil her and her husband's vision for the publication.

My involvement was in photoshoots, art directing and designing eleven issues over a period of 2 years and 7 months, along with redesigning the website, social media, media kit and working on proposals in-between issues to help grow the brand and readership and onboard sponsorship from banks, property development companies and other financial and lifestyle companies.

Here are examples of the logo and masthead I created for JUNO when it was rebranded from Moneta Media, along with every cover issue I designed and worked on from the latest through to the earliest. This shows the evolution of the cover design during my involvement. I find it takes time to find the right visual formula for a publication like this. In the end it seemed that a more conceptual cover based on the theme of the issue worked better than featuring a person.

The below designs remain at all times the intellectual property of JUNO Investing Magazine.