Pattern Creation - Kiwifruitz

I took on this job after doing a textile design paper when studying fashion design. Although I never went down the path of pursuing fashion as a career, what I discovered was a love for creating patterns. So much so, that I enrolled in a short course in digital textile design at AUT in Auckland to further my knowledge about creating textile patterns. I then thought hey, why not do this in a commercial branding sense and create bespoke patterns for companies. 

So Kiwifruitz came to me and said they wanted to be seen as more innovative. They showed me their current branding at the time along with other competitors and I couldn't help but yawn. It was all the same and if I'm to be honest - in my opinion quite safe and boring. Plain slices of kiwifruit everywhere. I decided then that we needed to jazz it up and give it some sass! 

My theory in trying to achieve this for them was that in order to portray your company as innovative you need to throw all the previous design elements overboard and come up with something new that captures people’s attention and the essence of kiwifruit in a whole new light

In creating brand imagery for Kiwifruitz, I wanted to develop something that looks like no other product imagery on the market. A design approach that wasn't so ‘literal’ as the majority of designs that dominate the market. Using repeat patterning skills and my love for blending and layering imagery, I combined the two techniques to create a kiwifruit kaleidoscope effect that uses the distinctive kiwifruit slice, along with the kiwifruit flower. 

I feel this design has a special and unique quality to it. Capturing the essence of kiwifruit in all it's juiciness and the natural power of active substances contained within the fruit.

This design is an imaginative interpretation of the source of nutrients, energy and goodness derived from these little gems. It might help you to taste the flavour, give you a sense of your palete bursting with a tangy, sweet zesty flavour, leaving you feeling healthy, happy and refreshed.

The colours used here are shades of sunshine yellow; the colour of the sun, lime green and lush forest green; the shade of the leaves and the fruit, the aqua blue; the colour of the sky and the water that nourishes it's growth.

This is quite a layered explanation but I guess that is how my mind operates!