Luminova Pattern Design - Moonscape Series

Luminova Design is my sideline hustle and passion project that I squeeze in when not supporting other businesses with their brand and design requirements. It involves creating patterns inspired from nature, architecture and my travels around the world. I apply the designs to fabric and more recently into illuminated art in the form of circular light boxes.

Growing up on an orchard in a rural part of New Zealand with creative parents who loved gardening and growing things, I have developed a very strong appreciation for the inherent beauty in nature. I adore and appreciate in particular the organic shapes, form, textures and colours in the ocean, the land, the sky.

I like to look at life through a different lens, photograph it and then deconstruct it to form something new. I am drawn to this creative process, constantly reimagining and transcending reality in some way. Creating a new context for what exists, and the way I view the world. I find it extremely satisfying and therapeutic.

The below is some of my pattern designs from my Moonscape series, inspired from reflections of light upon sand and water at an estuary while on a trip to Raglan, New Zealand.

© Rachel Lochhead - Luminova Design