Luminova Pattern Design - Aerial - West Coast Auckland

Luminova Design is my sideline hustle and passion project that I squeeze in when not supporting other businesses with their brand and design requirements. It involves creating patterns inspired from nature, architecture and my travels around the world. I apply the designs to fabric and more recently into illuminated art in the form of circular light boxes.

I like to look at life through a different lens, photograph it and then deconstruct it to form something new. I am drawn to this creative process, constantly reimagining and transcending reality in some way. Creating a new context for what exists, and the way I view the world. I find it extremely satisfying and therapeutic.

The below is a pattern design inspired from some aerial photos I took along Auckland's West Coast Beaches towards Piha. This was on a trip with my fiancé who flies Cessna's recreationally.

© Rachel Lochhead - Luminova Design